Monday, February 13, 2012

Foodies - chocolate

Every month a group of us get together for what we call Foodies night. Each month has a specific theme that we use to cook food we've never made before. The idea is to experiment with new recipes and also expose us to new foods. We've done Italian, French, English, Indian, American, Irish and the list goes on. We've even had fun experiments with Carnival as the theme and Pies. This month in honor of Valentines Day we chose chocolate as the secret ingredient. We had chocolate chili, chocolate lasagna, roasted parsnip and white chocolate soup, chocolate sushi, chocolate mole taquitos, chocolate moose, and eclairs. YUM! It was all so delicious and Megs did a great job making her place look so fun and festive! Next month is based on the color Green. Should be interesting.

I made the eclairs! They were so good i made a second batch last night!

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  1. Ahhh thanks Mas! I had fun decorating and having everyone at my place :) LOVED the eclairs!