Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Vow - Review - 1/5 stars

I also went to the screening of The Vow this week. Oh boy. Where do i begin. Let me first say that you might want to see the movie first before continuing to read. I don't want to upset any of the ladies who i know are dying to see this movie. My cute sister Gina has been wanting to see it since she first saw the trailer months ago. In fact she said it looks like everything you would want in a chick flick. Let me continue by stating that i am not one of those guys who hates all chick flicks. I can get swept away in the unrealistic romance as much as any of you girls. But here it is…this movie was dumb. And i mean capitol D U M B! I did not buy into their story one bit. Yeah, your supposed to like it because at the beginning it says its true. Well, that doesn't mean it makes for a good movie. Nothing played out realistically in my opinion. And Channing…wow, no personality. And stop mumbling. Oh and to the director, just because your working with an actor thats in shape does NOT mean that he sleeps in the nude on the couch the first day his wife is back from the hospital and has forgotten who he is. See…dumb! But if all you ladies need is a chiseled body to enjoy this movie, then have at it. Rachel McAdams, i like you. You're pretty and i've liked your movies okay but this script was awful. You're character was annoyingly self centered. I never thought i'd say this but i wished Adam Sandler would have taken her out on 50 first dates. This movie was too much drama and got on my nerves. There were so many "villains" i wanted to gag. I full on closed my eyes for ten minutes and imagined myself somewhere else. I hope it doesn't take an accident to make me forget i ever saw this movie. Sorry for the rant but i feel better. sigh.


  1. Although you recommend against it...I will be seeing this movie, I'll let you know how I feel when it's over :)

  2. Thanks Mason for saving us time and money! (Babysitters add up!) Jim will certainly thank you! Also, can I say how much I love that you are reviewing movies like this?!! This will certainly save us time at our nextTuesday Group reunion (or result in more time as we have so much to cover!)
    Hope you are well!!,