Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Woman In Black - Review - 2.5/5 stars

On Tuesday i went to the screening of Woman in Black. While i could see up Daniel Radcliffs nose from the second row, i will try to not let that influence my review. Have you seen the trailer for this movie? I thought it looked really good for a scary movie. In actuality, it was just okay. I loved the look and feel of it. What it lacked however, was enough story to keep me interested. It was full of loud noises and "don't go in that room" moments. Some of which will make you jump, most of which were cheap thrills without bringing anything new to the horror genre table. Daniel does a fine job. Not that this movie required much of him. Teenagers will most likely get a kick out of this movie, but it needed more going on for me to really like it. So, not as bad as some horror movies but not as good as say...the ring!

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