Thursday, February 9, 2012

This Means War - Review - 3.5/5 stars

I went to the screening of This Means War this week. I had no opinion of what to expect. That's not true. If anything it looked kinda dumb. But it was free so why not check it out. Totally enjoyed it. It's one of those movies your brain either decides to accept or reject. Meaning it has potential to go either way. And i accepted it. The premise is really kinda dumb and predictable. But i thought Reese, Tom Hardy and Chris Pine were really fun to watch. The two guys played off each other really well, while Reese took a back seat and was just cute. Chelsea Handler was at times really funny but other times i just thought she was too crude. This was directed by McG so you know off the bat what kind of movie this is. His other works are Charlies Angels, Terminator Salvation, Chuck. See? As i said, it has everything you think you might hate about it but if you're in the right mood you might enjoy it like i did.

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