Monday, April 23, 2012

Chimpanzee - Review - 4/5 stars

I had been excited for this movie from the first day i saw the trailer. I mean is there anything cuter than a baby chimpanzee? I dare to say no. If you disagree then go see this movie and see if your answer has changed.

This held up to all my expectations. Go see this on the biggest screen possible. ITS BEAUTIFUL! Note the all caps there. Every scene deserved the all caps. From the wide shots of the rainforest and amazing water falls to the tight close ups of chimps grooming each other, this was a feast for the eyes. Thank you to the film makers who brought this movie to light. Their sacrifice and surviving with sweat bees all over there bodies (stay during the credits), was worth all the pain.

Baby Oscar is the cutes thing ever! I want a giant sized poster of him on my bedroom wall. Those ears of his!!!! I won't spoil anything, but his fight to survive is heartwarming. You go Oscar!!!

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