Thursday, April 26, 2012

Bully - Review - 3.5/5 stars

Where to begin? When i walked into the theater to find a seat, i noticed couple others who went to this by themselves and a couple families who brought all their kids. I couldn't help but ask myself why they all chose to see this movie. Had they once been bullied? Do they feel they themselves are a bully? Were the parents just trying to educate their kids on the affects of how we treat others? Or were one of their kids a bully?

Regardless of the reasons to see this, i came away from it with a little more love and kindness in my heart. We could all stand to treat each other a little better. Aren't we all just trying to navigate this world the best we can? Why make it difficult for each other?

From the first five minutes i knew i was gonna be in for an emotional movie. This follows a few different kids who have or are currently being bullied for different reasons. It broke my heart some of the things that the kids did. While i would have liked to see a point of view from a confessed bully or a little more broader scale of bullying, this movie still makes a mark. It also does a good job of inspiring us all to take a stand and stop bullying. My hope is that we can spread the word and make this life a little less mean.

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