Monday, April 23, 2012

Lockout - Review - 2.5/5 stars

Luc Besson presents Lockout. If you don't know who Luc Besson is then let me remind you. Did you see Taken? Probably, because for some reason that movie really connected with audiences. I thought it was just okay. There is part two coming out so lucky you. How about the Transporter movies? or La Femme Nikita? or Fifth Element? or my favorite Leon: The Professional. Luc had his hand in all those projects. I laughed when his credit came up on this film as "the original idea by Luc Besson" haha. Made me think it was written down on a napkin at lunch.

Well, my sister Alisa and I went to this movie because we really wanted to see something and had already seen everything else. So we decided to just go see what happens. I was worried we were going to repeat our experience in doing this when we saw Apollo 18. Uh...worst movie. But happy to say that Lockout was okay. Slightly above a tv movie perhaps and probably not worth the price of admission but i didn't hate. If you don't know the plot then here it is in a nutshell. Guy Pearce is wrongly accused of a crime and sent to a space prison to rescue the presidents daughter in order to clear his name.

I went with it. Guy Pearce was good. Although he kept delivering cheesing lines that were supposed to be funny but weren't really. The plot is nothing new but kept be interested. The action and effects were alright. Really bad at times but again i went with it. I think the key here was NO expectations. Thus it was just okay when maybe i would have hated it had i been excited about it. Rental for sure though.

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  1. I hated this movie. Too many ridiculous and cheesy lines and it was thought every actor knew what would happen each time they turned the corner. I couldn't believe any of the characters or the plot. I think its a great concept, but this movie let me down. Probably since I paid full price. If it were a red box...I may have not been so let down.