Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Raven - Review - 3/5 stars

I went to the advanced screening of this last night. I was pretty excited to see it because hello Edgar Allen Poe! But i tried to not let myself get too excited for fear of it being no good. I loved the first 5 minutes of the film. Started off with a creepy look and feel and set the tone for a dark mystery. It soon lost that energy when it was setting up the plot. I felt like all the actors were just reading the script around a casting table. John Cusack particularly stood out as a being terrible which made me sad because i like him as an actor. Maybe more than the acting, i wasn't thrilled about the portrayal of Edgar Allen Poe. I think maybe i had something else in my mind.

But, the second half of the movie was better in my opinion. I didn't notice the acting as much and i was more and more entertained by seeing the creepy imagery. You know, wet cobblestone streets with fog, lateens, underground water tunnels etc. Not to mention the great iconic murders and imagery in Poes stories. The pendulum slicing a man in half, being buried alive or sealed up behind a brick wall, the raven, the tale tale heart.

I could tell this movie wanted to be like the recent Sherlock Holmes movies and even had a very similar vibe as Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow or even reminded me of the movie Seven. While it did not quite measure up to those movies, i still enjoyed it.

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