Friday, December 7, 2012

Life of Pi - Review - 5/5

My sister Alisa once told me this was one of her very favorite books. I love to watch or read things that are peoples favorites so i decided to read it as well. The first half of the book is the worst. Sorry to the author Yann Martel. I suffered through it. The only thing that kept me reading was the fact that i was reading it on a beach in cancun and that it was my sisters favorite. Then about halfway through, i turn the page and read the words "part two". And thats when it got interesting. If anyone is going to read this book i say skip it and watch the movie but if you are insistent then begin at part two.

The movie however is in a word INCREDIBLE! Truly from the very first frame while the credits roll, you will be amazed by its beautiful cinematography and vivid colors. I saw this in 3D, which i most highly recommend. It just makes the imagery pop. And thats just the imagery.

The story is well told and really engrosses you in the struggle of Pi. On the surface, its just a story of a kids survival at sea and what he encounters and experiences. But, you can go much deeper if you look for the signs and are willing. What a visual, spiritual adventure this movie is. A must see in 3D on the big screen and probably even a few times.

And the tiger Richard Parker? Wow! My mind is blown. I got chills the first time he slowly walked toward Pi.


  1. Lovely to see it with you and lovelier to discuss it with you! Now I'm thinking about his first encounter pre-ship wreck with Richard Parker... the one at the zoo when his dad taught him that what he saw in the "animal's" eyes was just a reflection of himself. hum...

  2. Jen, i enjoyed our movie discussion as well. Up until that power hungry jerk of a manager kicked us out. Why do they have tables if they don't want people to sit at them? Anyway, you need to see it again and you will discover more!