Friday, April 27, 2012

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen - Review - 3.5/5

Emily Blunt and Ewan McGregor and Kristin Scott Thomas! I love all three of them and so i was interested in this movie even if the title seemed weird. I had missed the screening of this one but heard it was good so me and my two sisters decided to go see it.

I admit that it took a good 20 minutes to get into to this film. It seemed a little all over the place and we weren't quite sure the tone it had. We then settled into it and understood that this was a sort of quirky little romantic comedy. Their accents were so fun to listen to and the comedic style was fun and different. I laughed so hard a couple times. Then when its endearing it approaches it in a cute real way.

A few things really bugged in the plot but overall this was an interesting and different kind of romantic comedy. So nice to see a movie that was daring to take a different approach. I'd say see this movie and not The Vow (yes, i'm still hating on that movie), or the Lucky One.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Raven - Review - 3/5 stars

I went to the advanced screening of this last night. I was pretty excited to see it because hello Edgar Allen Poe! But i tried to not let myself get too excited for fear of it being no good. I loved the first 5 minutes of the film. Started off with a creepy look and feel and set the tone for a dark mystery. It soon lost that energy when it was setting up the plot. I felt like all the actors were just reading the script around a casting table. John Cusack particularly stood out as a being terrible which made me sad because i like him as an actor. Maybe more than the acting, i wasn't thrilled about the portrayal of Edgar Allen Poe. I think maybe i had something else in my mind.

But, the second half of the movie was better in my opinion. I didn't notice the acting as much and i was more and more entertained by seeing the creepy imagery. You know, wet cobblestone streets with fog, lateens, underground water tunnels etc. Not to mention the great iconic murders and imagery in Poes stories. The pendulum slicing a man in half, being buried alive or sealed up behind a brick wall, the raven, the tale tale heart.

I could tell this movie wanted to be like the recent Sherlock Holmes movies and even had a very similar vibe as Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow or even reminded me of the movie Seven. While it did not quite measure up to those movies, i still enjoyed it.

Bully - Review - 3.5/5 stars

Where to begin? When i walked into the theater to find a seat, i noticed couple others who went to this by themselves and a couple families who brought all their kids. I couldn't help but ask myself why they all chose to see this movie. Had they once been bullied? Do they feel they themselves are a bully? Were the parents just trying to educate their kids on the affects of how we treat others? Or were one of their kids a bully?

Regardless of the reasons to see this, i came away from it with a little more love and kindness in my heart. We could all stand to treat each other a little better. Aren't we all just trying to navigate this world the best we can? Why make it difficult for each other?

From the first five minutes i knew i was gonna be in for an emotional movie. This follows a few different kids who have or are currently being bullied for different reasons. It broke my heart some of the things that the kids did. While i would have liked to see a point of view from a confessed bully or a little more broader scale of bullying, this movie still makes a mark. It also does a good job of inspiring us all to take a stand and stop bullying. My hope is that we can spread the word and make this life a little less mean.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Lockout - Review - 2.5/5 stars

Luc Besson presents Lockout. If you don't know who Luc Besson is then let me remind you. Did you see Taken? Probably, because for some reason that movie really connected with audiences. I thought it was just okay. There is part two coming out so lucky you. How about the Transporter movies? or La Femme Nikita? or Fifth Element? or my favorite Leon: The Professional. Luc had his hand in all those projects. I laughed when his credit came up on this film as "the original idea by Luc Besson" haha. Made me think it was written down on a napkin at lunch.

Well, my sister Alisa and I went to this movie because we really wanted to see something and had already seen everything else. So we decided to just go see what happens. I was worried we were going to repeat our experience in doing this when we saw Apollo 18. Uh...worst movie. But happy to say that Lockout was okay. Slightly above a tv movie perhaps and probably not worth the price of admission but i didn't hate. If you don't know the plot then here it is in a nutshell. Guy Pearce is wrongly accused of a crime and sent to a space prison to rescue the presidents daughter in order to clear his name.

I went with it. Guy Pearce was good. Although he kept delivering cheesing lines that were supposed to be funny but weren't really. The plot is nothing new but kept be interested. The action and effects were alright. Really bad at times but again i went with it. I think the key here was NO expectations. Thus it was just okay when maybe i would have hated it had i been excited about it. Rental for sure though.

Cabin in the Woods - Review - 3.5/5 stars

Let me begin by saying that those that know me, know that i enjoy a stupid horror movie. No, they are not Shawshank Redemption or anything that will change your life. But, they can be totally entertaining in all their ridiculousness. Every once in a while one comes along that breaks the same old horror routine and tries something different. That is what this movie did. Way to go Joss Whedon for coming up with a unique concept and thinking outside the box. While i talked heavily about clichés in my Lucky One review, this movie too had ALL the clichés. The difference is that this one used them on purpose. It took a few minutes to realize the voice of this movie. Its actually quite funny. You'll laugh when people get torn apart or gauged by a unicorn. Yes a unicorn. My favorite movie moment this year. haha. still laughing. Heads up, this movie is not a suspense thriller its a horror movie. That means blood and lots of it.

The best exotic marigold hotel - Review - 4/5 stars

I had the chance to see the advance screening of this last week. I was excited for it. The cast was so great! Dame Judi Dench, Dev Patel, Bill Nighy, Maggie Smith, Tom Wilkinson to name a few.
The plot was unique and fun. A bunch of old people go to retire in India at a hotel just barely livable and managed by Dev Patel. While i've noticed that i don't like movies with a big ensemble cast, this one worked. It followed all their stories in a manner in which you could follow and not feel like it was just jumping around all over the place. I also thought the the story would be predictable but it kept me entertained all the way through. Old people are so cute! While its not perfect and i'd change a few things, it IS enjoyable.

The Lucky One - Review - 2.5/5 stars

I'll keep this review short as too not allow myself to think about all that is wrong with it and let myself just enjoy the good moments it had. First of all, Nicholas Sparks. Same stories with different character names and setting. Fine, i can live with rehashing a plot line. I can even live with cliché after cliché. But if you're gonna do that, then at least give me decent cinematography, beautiful scenery, good acting etc. This movie was that. While Zac did not have more than a page of dialog, he was entertaining enough. Taylor Schilling was pretty good too if you ignore her manic freakout scene of throwing flower pots and knocking over old brick walls. What the?...where did that come from? CALM DOWN!!!

I wonder if maybe i liked this one more than i thought i would because i hated The Vow so much? Who knows. And i'm not saying this was a great movie. It is not! Barely above a lifetime movie. But you just might get sucked in a little bit.

If you care to discuss the ridiculous things in this movie verbally, i'll be happy to have that condo with you. But for now i'll keep the review tame for all the girls that want to see this film. You're welcome.

Chimpanzee - Review - 4/5 stars

I had been excited for this movie from the first day i saw the trailer. I mean is there anything cuter than a baby chimpanzee? I dare to say no. If you disagree then go see this movie and see if your answer has changed.

This held up to all my expectations. Go see this on the biggest screen possible. ITS BEAUTIFUL! Note the all caps there. Every scene deserved the all caps. From the wide shots of the rainforest and amazing water falls to the tight close ups of chimps grooming each other, this was a feast for the eyes. Thank you to the film makers who brought this movie to light. Their sacrifice and surviving with sweat bees all over there bodies (stay during the credits), was worth all the pain.

Baby Oscar is the cutes thing ever! I want a giant sized poster of him on my bedroom wall. Those ears of his!!!! I won't spoil anything, but his fight to survive is heartwarming. You go Oscar!!!