Friday, December 7, 2012

Anna Karenina - 4.5/5

However you pronounce the name won't matter because this film is a work of art. Just look at the poster. Look at it! Stunning and beautiful. The film is the same way in regards to cinematography, costume, music, acting and story.

I was not familiar with the book by Leo Tolstoy. His books seem too big and grand and scare me so i hate to say i have not read them. But they are classics for a reason and from watching this film adaptation i can see why. Wow, what a finely woven story about love from all angles. Do we have a choice in love? Is there a difference between love and lust? What endures more love or passion? I think you will find that this movie will have you asking yourself these questions and more. We all have our own perspective and ideas of what love is now imagine the scenario that Anna Karenina is in. Married at 18 and did not realize what love was. An opportunity expresses itself and choices are made at the risk of losing everything.

I found it a bit difficult to follow at first because i was unfamiliar with the story and did not know the characters but at first viewing i think i got the gist of it. There is lot in here that i think is worthy of discussion. But even if you are bored to death, which i'm sure many would be, you can at least enjoy the most incredible music your ears have ever heard. The composer is Dario Marianelli and he also did the soundtrack for Atonement which i think won an oscar or at least was nominated. Remember that theme that had the typewriter sound effects in it? So great!

This is the third movie with Keira Knightly and these writers. They also did Atonement and Pride and Prejudice. Keira was so engaging to watch. She really sells her part as well as all the actors. Lets talk about the filming for a second. Do you ever notice the editing choices like i do? Well if not, then pay attention to takes where there is no editing for extended periods of time. Wow! Such, choreography and  well timed cues have to go into those shots to pull them off. There are a few in this film that are just amazing.

This adaptation, and there have been many, is a fresh take on the story. Its as if the entire movie is taking place on a stage. So creative and symbolic. As i said at the beginning, this is simply a work of art!

Silver Linings Playbook - 4.5/5 stars

I was hearing some great things about this film and so i just had to check it out for myself. So good. It took a minute to get a feel for the style of this film. Its a bit quirky, a bit dark, very funny at times, awkwardly funny other times and in its own style a very touching, cute, well told story of two people with a past and some mental troubles.

Its so nice and refreshing to see a new spin on a cute love story. Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence were so fantastic in this. As well as Robert DeNiro and whoever played his wife. Loved her! There have been some great mental illness movies in the past which i have loved. One flew over the cuckoos nest, a beautiful mind, girl interrupted to name a few. Add this to the list. So well done.

I think what says it best is the adorable old couple i overheard as they were exiting the theater. The old lady, "Well that was cute". The old man, "yes, that was really good. What a great date night." Heart melted.

Life of Pi - Review - 5/5

My sister Alisa once told me this was one of her very favorite books. I love to watch or read things that are peoples favorites so i decided to read it as well. The first half of the book is the worst. Sorry to the author Yann Martel. I suffered through it. The only thing that kept me reading was the fact that i was reading it on a beach in cancun and that it was my sisters favorite. Then about halfway through, i turn the page and read the words "part two". And thats when it got interesting. If anyone is going to read this book i say skip it and watch the movie but if you are insistent then begin at part two.

The movie however is in a word INCREDIBLE! Truly from the very first frame while the credits roll, you will be amazed by its beautiful cinematography and vivid colors. I saw this in 3D, which i most highly recommend. It just makes the imagery pop. And thats just the imagery.

The story is well told and really engrosses you in the struggle of Pi. On the surface, its just a story of a kids survival at sea and what he encounters and experiences. But, you can go much deeper if you look for the signs and are willing. What a visual, spiritual adventure this movie is. A must see in 3D on the big screen and probably even a few times.

And the tiger Richard Parker? Wow! My mind is blown. I got chills the first time he slowly walked toward Pi.