Friday, September 18, 2015

Day of the Dead Makeup and Costume

So every year a little boutique (Secret Haven) puts out all their Halloween and Fall decor and holds a sort of Grand Opening. They employees all dress up and encourage customers to do the same. There is a grand prize and also 10 best costume winners. Last year I won the grand prize when I went dressed up as Mr. Fredricksen from the movie UP. See post:

This year my sister wanted in on the costume fun. So we both went as Day of the Dead characters. We both were picked as two of the ten best costumes. We are waiting to see if we win grand prize! I had made my costume for a party last year. But my sister needed to jazz up the makeup I did on her. So we ran to Dollar Tree and bought a bunch of flowers and made her a head band and veil. It all came together quite nicely I think.

Make It With Mason - Spell Books

UPDATE!!! I'm now beginning to make a few of these for sale on my Etsy shop. The ones for sale are a box that look like a book. This allows for your creativity in what you want to put inside (Halloween candy / a spooky spider etc). I've added a bookmark that includes a handmade stained glass piece, bead and feather and other adornments. The interior is lined with felt and overall it would look amazing amongst your other Halloween decor. Each one is handmade with attention to detail and seriously look even better in person.

Follow this link to take a look:


When the leaves begin to change color and there is a crisp in the air, I can't help but get excited for Halloween. Lets be honest though. I'm thinking about Halloween all year long. Every once in a while I like to find a project that me and my friends can all do together. To kick off this season, I chose to to make Spell Books. They really are quite easy and took everyone about 3 hours to make their books from start to finish. There are many How To's on pinterest and the internet so I won't post a How To here.

Basically you get an old book, glue on objects or cut out shapes from cardboard or foam sheets to design the look. Then take a paper towel or napkin and using only a single ply portion of it, you glue it on over the cover, spine and back and on top of all your objects. Then spray paint it all black. Then using a dry brush technique, lightly brush on copper, gold or silver to get the raised areas to really pop! I love how different everyones turned out but how cool they all look together!