Friday, July 31, 2015

Jack-O-Lantern Contest

For Halloween at work, we held a Jack-o-Lantern contest. We gave everyone a small foam pumpkin a couple weeks before halloween and told everyone to decorate it however they wanted. They could go scary or cute or disney or a theme. Then at our Halloween party we had a "pumpkin patch" where we displayed everyones creation and voted for the most creative, scary etc. It was a lot of fun and they were all so different from each other. 

I made mine by starting with arm and finger shapes out of bendable wire. Then I wrapped the wire with tin foil and added up areas where I wanted a thicker arm and elbow and such. then I covered the tin foil with tissue and a maché glue mixture. I carved the pumpkin with a hot wire and then painted everything. I added leaves from some cheap fake flowers. I loved how it turned out and didn't take very long at all. 

I also made the candle inside the pumpkin. See another blog post for how to instructions.

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  1. Ohhhh! This is fantabulous! Genius use of the foil and hats off to an awesome sauce pumpkin carve!