Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Disney Pixar Up Costume in NYC!

So a few weeks ago I got an email that looked like spam to me. But hesitant to delete it, i read a few lines and discovered it wasn't spam at all. It was an email from these guys in NYC. They were interested in my Carl Fredricksen costume for a film they wanted to make. They told me they had a drone and some other cool camera equipment so I was interested immediately in their project.

We soon got on the phone with each other and discussed the details. Next thing I knew, I was packing up Carl and shipping him away for another adventure. Last time he traveled he went to Florida. So it turns out that Mr. Fredricksen is living the life that he portrayed in the movie after all. Seeing and doing and exploring.

That was the purpose of the video these guys made. To spread positivity and happiness and put a smile on those who view it. So take a look, share with your friends and spread this message. Follow them on social media and subscribe to their youtube page. Info below. My info is in orange.

Email: panxlinfilms@gmail.com

Kenny’s Social Media Channels: Kenny Pan 
Instagram: @thepantographer

David’s Social Media Channels: LynLin Studios
Instagram: @thelensoflin

Team’s Instagram Channels:
Jacque: @kinneyminney (Reaction Shots) 
Raymond: @rlinning (OSMO Shots)
Jeff a.k.a. “Chang”: j.c_00 (Panning Shots)
Jess: @jesswithlovee (Behind the Scenes)
Yejin: @yejinlee_ (Behind the Scenes)

HUGE SHOUTOUT to Mason Barton for the costume!
Mason Barton’s Social Media Channels:
Blog: www.amasonsayswhat.blogspot.com
Instagram: @masonbarton
YouTube: Mason Barton

Buy the electric skateboard using this link!

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